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A K S Air Conditioning Ltd

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When we are called in on a new project, the first thing we do is take the time to find out all the relevant information from the outset, through simple, straightforward questions. If we know exactly what your problem is we can ensure we give you the best possible advice and send the right personnel to survey your site. At this stage we also tell you exactly how we work and what is involved in installing your system.
Survey & Design
Our next step is to conduct a thorough site survey. All of the information collated ensures that we can specify the correct equipment for the application – a right first time approach. The next stage is to design the system to suit the exact needs of the customer using the latest computer technology mixed with knowledge and experience. Our extensive contacts with a comprehensive list of manufacturers and distributors means we can always identify exactly the right equipment to suit your requirement and budget.
We put this design into a detailed, yet easy to understand, proposal together with details of our after sales service and maintenance package. Once this proposal is agreed, we will stick to it. What you see here is what you get there are no hidden extras.
Our survey department ensures that everything is in place before any installation commences, this may involve assisting with matters such as planning permission, if required, landlord’s consent and any other issues arising. We deal with all of these areas so that we get the hassle not you.
As soon as everything is ready, our installation department will contact you to arrange a mutually acceptable date to begin. At this point we will explain exactly what is about to happen and fine-tune the scheduling to ensure it disrupts you as little as possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to work around people and businesses, even if this means working out-of-hours all at the original cost stated in the proposal.
Post Installation
Once you are happy that the installation lives up to our performance guarantee and that the site has been cleaned, tidied and made good to your satisfaction, all of the relevant user manuals are then handed over to you. Before we leave we will make sure you are fully briefed on how the system works and that you understand the operating procedure. Even after this we continue to keep in touch with you, during and beyond the guarantee period, in order to ensure that your investment is protected.
Service & Maintenance
In the long run, a good service and maintenance contract will save you time, money and trouble and we believe we have some of the best and most cost effective packages available.
All of your equipment data is loaded onto our database with all relevant details and service history. This automatically generates job sheets for our service engineers when it is time for one of your scheduled service calls. These engineers do any necessary work and enter the details back onto the database, so it continually provides an up to date record of your equipment history. These service calls are tailored to your need. Normally there will be two service calls per year, but further visits, or interim calls to change filters, can easily be scheduled in.
Under this contract you would also be covered for emergency calls, in the unlikely event of something going wrong between scheduled visits. The speed of these callouts is again tailored to the individual needs of each customer.
For vital areas such as computer server rooms we will respond to calls within four to 24 hours, depending on the agreement.
Although there is no compulsion to take up a service and maintenance contract on new installations, we include details and costs of the package in our original proposal as part of our pledge to ensure there are no hidden extras.