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Ad Hoc Property Management

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Welcome to a world of property solutions that contribute to your bottom line

Ad Hoc was founded in the Netherlands in 1990 and has since become the European market leader in property protection using the Property Guardian model.  We now have 17 branches in the Netherlands and UK and our 150 staff are here to ensure that vacant properties are protected from threats such as squatting and asset stripping through socially responsible property protection.  Using Property Guardians means buildings are not left to become derelict, but instead provide affordable accommodation to responsible, working people.

Ad Hoc was established in the UK in 2006 and has since grown to open 9 offices, managing hundreds of buildings and working with thousands of Guardians.  We continue to grow and will be opening more offices later this year.

Vacant properties don’t have to be an expensive drain on your resources! Security and maintenance can be big headaches for property owners looking at a potential sink hole of unrecoverable costs.

But, through Ad Hoc Property Management Europe’s leading vacant property protection specialist an innovative deployment of voids and unused assets enables clients to turn a drain on resources into a contribution to the bottom line.

Our carefully selected Property Guardians essentially become repairing caretakers and can provide round the clock protection for the property which is their temporary residence until handed back to the owner for refurbishment, new use or disposal. Check out how the Ad Hoc solution stacks up against expensive alternative manned and physical security solutions with the cost comparison calculator and find out how we provide savings and create earning potential for our property clients.