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Adams & Russell

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Adams and Russell was founded in 1978 by Larry Adams and then taken over by Frank Eaton and Graham Duke in 1997. Based in Birkenhead we have been supplying discerning customers for nearly forty years and as the culture for coffee has grown in the UK over recent years so has Adams and Russell. We are able to offer over 30 different origins of freshly roasted coffee to our customers. All of the coffees are roasted in small batches to ensure all of our coffees are as fresh as possible so that everybody can enjoy them at their best.

Using two traditional gas flamed 15kg roasters in tandem, and in conjunction with our years of experience we carefully monitor how to roast the various different coffees to achieve maximise flavour, colour and aroma.
As we roast in small batches we are very flexible in our approach to customers’ requests for their customised blend of coffee.
We are pleased to be members of the Fairtrade Association as well as the Rain Forest Alliance and additionally
try to source coffees from countries which will benefit economically and socially from our trading.

For the coffee enthusiast we have regular coffee schools at our factory where you can see the coffee being roasted, you can taste sample coffees from different origins and can see how differently coffee tastes when using different coffee making machines.
We are happy to provide these classes free of charge provided there are a minimum of eight participants per class.