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A major part of running business is managing your customers, supplier and other contacts. To make this easier, we have integrated this function into Adminkeeper.

Adminkeeper allows you to classify each contact as a lead, a supplier, a customer, a shareholder or a donatee, the main types of contact categories your business needs. There is an ability to search for a contact, and each contact has its own image, making finding the person you want to get in touch with that little bit easier.

These contacts are used when you record an expense, so you know who something came from, how to re-order it, and more importantly, how much your are spending with each supplier.

The same is true for customers, when you generate an invoice, you select the contact you want to send the invoice to, and the details will be filled in automatically. This also gives Adminkeeper the ability to track who owes you money, and who your best customers are.