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Attic Tea

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Inspired by a trip to China we opened a tea shop in Bristol, calling it ATTIC because it stands for All The Tea In China – how had no one else thought of that we wondered.

To make it a viable business we also sold coffee and cake. It soon became a bustling cafe. The problem was we had intended to create a sacred, peaceful space in which to share the tea. So we took the decision to only offer tea tasting workshops, no more coffee, cakes or chatting.

It pretty much killed our business overnight! But taught us a very valuable lesson – it’s okay to be different.

Today we get to travel around the country, doing what we love – sharing our teas with 1000s of excited, wonderful people that we would never have met otherwise. We get emails and messages everyday saying what a difference the tea is making to their lives.

Introducing these special teas to people all over the country is so rewarding, we feel lucky to be on this journey and we hope that you can join us.