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  • Email: sales@avalanchees.co.uk
  • Website: http://www.avalanchees.co.uk/
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Avalanche Electronic Solutions Ltd

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At AES Ltd we provide quick-turnaround prototype PCB assembly with surface-mount, through-hole
and mixed components.

Soldering will be performed in compliance with Lead-Free and RoHS pcb assembly standards.
Our PCB assembly services will deliver high quality boards, assembled and inspected
according to industry-wide accepted IPC or customer criteria. Delivery schedules arranged
to meet customer requirements.

We can provide placement of conventional and surface mount components on the same board.
At AES Ltd our highly skilled operators will use a no-clean soldering process with lead free
or tin/lead solder joints.
The components are soldered by hand to ensure a high quality of finished product.
Lead times can still be as short as 24 hours.

At AES Ltd we can assemble wire harness assemblies according to customer requirements
and configurations.
We can create a custom cable assembly from your documentation; from the simplest
cable assemblies to the complex wire harnesses.
Our testing processes will insure the quality of finished wire harnesses
to provide 100% quality of finished product.

At AES Ltd we can take care of your electro/mechanical assembly needs.
Our highly skilled operators will carry out both sub and top-level assembly at one location
to reduce your shipping and inventory costs.

As well as building complete assemblies we can also carry out
modifications as required..