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Caber Coffee

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Over 25 years ago, Caber Coffee’s husband and wife team Dughall and Maureen Leask set out to make speciality coffee and coffee equipment available to all types of businesses up and down the North East and the rest of Scotland.

With commitment to quality, hard work and an unrelenting thirst for product knowledge our venture grew and grew. In 2001 their son Findlay joined the business not long after graduating from University. As the business grew rapidly we gained an enviable reputation and we became one of the best known, credible and trusted wholesale coffee suppliers in Scotland. 25 years after being founded we have Nationwide UK coverage and a range of quality modern tasting coffees and a selection of the best coffee making equipment available.

Basing our foundations of service on trust, quality and unparalleled value for money, Caber has built its range of products up to include traditional coffee machines and barista tools, specialist beverages and related items and includes a complete range of our own label Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees that are “”Direct Sourced”” and can be traced back to the co-operatives, farms and locations where they were grown.

“”We’re confident we can offer you the best selection of coffee as our roasters have actually been to the farms to hand select our beans and see for themselves how Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance are helping the families and the communities who produce the coffee.””

Caber Coffee Ltd. is recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation and our complete range of beverages is sustainably sourced and ethically produced with our exclusive Ethyco Coffee brand donating 2% of all ingredient sales back to Social Enterprise projects in the immediate and local areas. We support a wide range of charities through donations and are proud to support Mission Motorsport, the forces’ motorsport charity who help rehabilitate our war veterans.

This commitment to welfare coupled with a dedication to customer service and satisfaction (it’s not just anywhere that will send the owner of the company to install your coffee machine if requested) is what makes Caber’s customers return time and time again.

Our genuine passion for the product is clearly demonstrated through how we educate our clients about the coffee production process really helping them to understand what to look for in a blend and pick exactly the right one for their requirements.