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CJ Aerosols

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Why Buy Spray Paints From CJ Aerosols?

  • Every CJA order is bespoke, made fresh on the day of your order, to your exact specification.
  • CJ Aerosols use only the highest quality of industrial and commercial paint for the professional finish our clients require.
  • Our unique adjustable nozzle allows you to tailor your spraying area from 2 to 12 inches saving you time and money.
  • CJA is the trusted name in bespoke industrial grade aerosols supplying the highest quality service.

Spray paints are the ideal solution for putting the finishing touches not only to your DIY or renovation project, they are ideal for small scale industrial repairs, reconditioning components such as vinyl upholstery or motorcycle or car parts, right through to industry such as cladding repairs where the small scale of the repair does not necessarily justify the time and effort of setting up a compressor, mixing paint and cleaning out your gun afterwards.