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  • Real-Time Everything

    Real-time access to phone data, information and activity is the holy grail of the business wishlist. It’s often talked about and planned for but rarely seen. We make it happen.

  • Call Centres

    Build the perfect Call Centre. Be it an inbound Call Centre with call recording and links to your customer database, or an Outbound Call Centre with an autodialler; there’s little we’ve not done.

  • Full Systems, or just an add-on

    If you’re looking for a full system from scratch, or just looking to extend, modify or enhance what you’ve already got. Call us for a chat. The size of the project doesn’t matter.

  • Hosting and VOIP telephony

    With multiple points of presence to the Internet and PSTN we can just as easily place a phone system in ‘the cloud’ as we can place it in your office.