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Digitus Accountancy

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Many people have very good business models and have a good idea in what will make there business successful. However it can be very daunting when the risk aspect are not fully understood and this is when expert advise is required for the legal and financial aspect of running a business. Digitus Accountancy provide you with essential information which will help you in all aspects of making your business a success.


Our team at Digitus Accountancy are a team of qualified experts to help you along the way for all your needs. All you need is your business ideas then you can leave the rest to the experts.


Most frequently asked questions are as follows:


Which is the most suitable structure for my business?


This is dependant on many factors and a free consultation with our team will help you decide on the most suitable structure – sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company.


What additional information is required for the stakeholders of my business?

There are many types of information which is required by stakeholders of a business this is dependent on the type of business and stakeholders themselves. However standard information that most clients would need is a business plan, cashflow projections, budgets, and trading forecasts which is our experts will help you step by step.


What is the best source of finance for my business?


Our team will assess your finance requirements and advise on the best sources of finance available on the market and make the necessary proposals if needed.


Would you be able to respond to banks and HMRC and other bodies on my behalf?


With the client request we do act on there behalf and establish a good working relationship with our clients bank. Having a good relationship will enable information and processes to be speeded up.