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Enchanted Cupcakes

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My Story

I started baking and decorating cupcakes as a hobby but it quickly turned into a way to raise funds for my little boy, William.  William has cerebral palsy so we were fundraising for him to have a bedroom & bathroom built downstairs and some extra therapy.  I enoyed it so much that once we had hit our target I decided to continue my baking journey and set up a business.
As much as I love baking, my passion really is teaching others how to decorate cakes and cupcakes!  My masterclasses came about in 2012 after friends started asking me to teach them how to decorate some basic cupcakes and soon grew into something way bigger than I ever imagined.  I absolutely love it when people come to my classes with no experience at all and leave with a beautiful box of cupcakes that they have created themselves! 
I no longer take orders for smaller custom cakes because I prefer to spend my time teaching but its very hard to say no to making a beautiful wedding cake so I can be persuaded to do those!
If you think you could never create a beautiful cake then think again, the photos below are Williams birthday cakes over the last few years you can see how much they’ve changed over the years! If I can do it, anyone can!