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Goodleaf was established on the Isle of  Wight, UK in 2005 by New Zealander Paul McCathie  to bring the  joy of climbing big trees to the general public.

The tree climbing you did as a child has changed but theres still a magical thrill to be had from tree climbing. We teach a special technique that enables you to ascend the rope into the tree canopy where you can experience a special place like no other.

About tree climbing with Goodleaf

We work hard to ensure that all aspects of the Goodleaf experience match our high standards. From the moment you book, until you descend from the tree top, we want you to have an enjoyable, friendly and relaxed time.
Climbing trees with us is a personal experience; we generally climb in small groups and we make sure you learn the ropes individually and in a hands on way before you ascend into the canopy.

Theres no pressure to reach the top: climbing trees is your personal challenge we want to help you and your family achieve the best you can. Theres always a drink and piece of climbers flapjack waiting for you in the picnic basket so you can celebrate your climb!

We’re an award winning family run business and we hope that the way we run tree climbing reflects this. Our staff are local people and are trained in both tree climbing and customer service.”