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InTouch Massage Therapy

  • Posted on in  Pampering
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InTouch…In Touch with you….Let your stress just melt away…

First of all.. I love what I do. I love meeting you and my aim is wholly to cause relaxation, promote healing and am dedicated to increasing the well being and health of whoever comes to me .. I am also a dedicated Christian and believe in prayer and the laying on of hands…which not only touches and heals the body but also embraces gentle healing of the spirit,- imparting a sense of well being, peace and wholeness.

I am a Fully Qualified Therapist in Swedish Body Massage and a full member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists and specialize in the following:

Relieving stress and anxiety.
Promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being.
Relieving muscular tension & fatigue.
Lymphatic drainage ( The release of toxins from the body)
Revitalization of tired & aching muscles.
The increase of blood circulation in the body which increases physical vitality.
Relief from muscular pain ( This can take several sessions, depending on the cause.

As a new client the sessions will begin with a free 10 minute full Consultation..allowing me as your therapist to assess and identify your physical needs more clearly so that I can give you the best massage to suit your needs.

A Postural Assessment is also offered for a small charge..taking about 10-15 minutes to help me identify any areas that need special attention to ease a condition or even a lifelong ‘habitual’ muscular strain.

After your massage I will give you a short consultation and discuss with you any lifestyle changes that will encourage you to overcome physical stress and promote healing & restoration in your body.

I look forward to meeting you……….