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Isle of Wight Feet

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Isle of Wight Feet is a family run business that specialise in shoes for many different shapes and sizes of feet. Not only do we provide quality shoes but also services such as Chiropody, Shoe Making, Shoe Modification, Alpha-Stim and Stimpod.

We are located in Cross Street, Shanklin, IOW.


Nail trimming and reduction, in-growing nail management.  Callus & corn debridement is carried out with a wet-drill, this method is gentle and comfortable for patients and achieves a neater and deeper finish.

Specialist Shoe Making:

Surgical footwear is made to fit feet that require a unique shoe shape. A customer may have been involved in an accident & can no longer fit into standard footwear.  Another customer might have suffered from a long-term debilitating condition.

Wide and deep shoes:

We cater for any size or shape of foot.  Crocs are a great product for many reasons. One is that they are extremely versatile and we can mould, stretch, shrink and even cut up parts of the shoe to accommodate various problems. They can also be worn in the shower thanks to their anti slip sole, ensuring that you are supported instead of standing on a flat surface.

We also keep DB, Padders, Cosyfeet and Brakeburn in. There is such a range, that theres bound to be something to suit you.

Orthotic Insoles:

The device fits in your footwear & adjusts your foot alignment.  Over 18 painful conditions can be cured with the use of orthotics.  We provide a 3/4 length insole that will fit in almost every shoe type, eliminating the need to buy shoes to accommodate for the orthotic.

Magnet Therapy:

An increasing number of people have been helped with wearing a powerful magnet either on the wrist or over/near a painful area of the body. We have helped patients with painful joints & old injury sites.  A specific product can improve blood circulation also.

Circulation Booster:

This is a device made by Revitive that is used to reduce swollen feet & legs.  Muscle tone can be improved.