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Jewel Abrasives

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In 1926 Jewel Abrasives were supplying blended Abrasive Finishing compounds to the nearby Sheffield Holloware and Cutlery trades. Any product of outstanding performance was colloquially known as a Jewel hence the name of the firm. Ceramic bonded medium sized wheels were also in demand and after much Research and Development satisfactory products were in production even to their use on Billet Grinding. But World War II was looming and Bakelite Bonded Fettling Wheels, Cups and Cones now demanded three shift operation. Wartime advancement involved high impact strength products for non magnetic Stainless Steel and Army Tank production.

Post war research involved collaboration with the Admiralty regarding underwater stabilizer and silent propeller finishing.

The Eighties to Nineties concern with Health and Safety led to Jewel Abrasives being co-opted by British Standards Institute together with the then Factory Inspectorate onto Committees both UK and Europe standardizing speeds, strength requirements and safety factors, the specification of which are embodied in both UK and European Law today. We gave our time and experience so that wheel users of today have safety at their fingertips.

Exports continue apace whilst retaining cordial relations with present manufacturers and, in fact, supplying niche products for resale to Marine, Rail and Road transport Operatives.

Our factory remains privately owned on the present site for over 80 years.