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Kinly, formerly Viju and Visions Connected, was formed in 2018 to provide secure and flexible visual collaboration solutions. Making it easier for businesses to work together, they help teams to engage and communicate much more effectively. With seamless and reliable tools, Kinly offer video collaboration, smart meetings and smart rooms thanks to a global network of strategic partners. Bringing companies together from all over the world, get in touch to find out more about how they could help you. Kinly are a collaboration and communication brand who are dedicated to making modern workplaces more efficient. They provide video collaboration solutions for businesses, enabling teams to work together even from different locations. With support on hand to help you build, support and manage your collaboration space, their team are able to train your staff to get the most out of your new collaboration tools. With today’s technology and Kinly’s expertise, transform your workplace today. Get in touch to find out more.