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Louisa Brown Soap

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Louisa Brown soap is a handmade soap company based in Ormskirk, Lancashire. Over the years we have tested many different recipes and scents, swirls and layers and the end result is a collection of handmade soap to suit everybody! All of our handmade soap is made using the old fashioned cold process method.

The different oils have different benefits, coconut oil makes the bubbles while palm oil helps go towards creating a hard bar of soap. Cocoa butter has great skin conditioning properties while castor oil is known to be of help to dry and ageing skin because of its humectant properties (promotes the retention of water) so the recipes we use are a combination of oils that produce soap with a great lather, great cleansing qualities and is mild and gentle.  Our products are suitable fo everybody! We have soaps women (of course!) for men, our beloved pet pooch and even horses!! Something for everyone!

Please note – The paper our soaps are wrapped in may, at times, be different to that pictured, don’t worry our soaps are always fabulously presented!