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Magic By Andy Artist

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Using his very own gentle laid back style of performing, Andy has performed many successful shows and delighted his audiences with his magic.
Very often inviting members of the audience to assist, it could well be that you, or your child will find yourself involved in making something happen, from the simple, like making sweets appear (and you get to keep them) to the finale where a child is levitated, he can keep his audience ‘spellbound’ throughout.

Also performing in much larger venues along with one of his assistants he has proved to be popular as a cabaret artist where he can entertain both children and adult audiences.

His audiences have been stunned as he levitates an assistant or cuts her into pieces and then re-assembles her.

He also works with adult audiences, and would make an ideal if slightly unusual entertainer at a wedding, keeping the guests amused at various times.

Other possibilities are – restaurant work, corporate promotions, dinner party entertainment, end of term school parties, christmas parties.

If you want more datails, please get in touch. He will be pleased to consider your requests.