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Maunsel House

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There are many artefacts at Maunsel dating back to the Roman period. The first VIP visitor who stayed was Alfred the Great in 878 when he fought the Danes.

Brictworld the Saxon lived at Maunsel in 1066 and was replaced by Count Eustance of Boulogne in 1086 (mentioned in the Domesday Book) when the house was called Maunsel, being derived from the French meaning Sleeve of Land.

At the time of Henry II, William De Erleigh granted Maunsel to Phillip Arbalistarius dowry for his daughter, Mabel. His son, Philip, married the daughter of Sir Hugh Auderville and assumed the surname of Maunsel. Philip de Maunsel became progenitor of the family with the surname Maunsell or Mansel. The estate passed to the Bacon family of Norfolk and then to the Slade family.