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North East Gifts

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You know the one after all the boring stuff you had to take notes on in case there was a test there was always a little shop selling books, tea towels, mugs, pens and pencils and other little trinkets you took home for your mam? Well we like to think of ourselves as that little shop but for the whole of the North East.

North East Gifts was founded with a simple concept we’ll stock a product if:

  • Its about the North East (places of interest, people of popularity)
  • Its made in the region (or originated here)
  • Its created or designed by local folk (artist, designer or crafty type)

When some people think of the North East of England, they perhaps think of the obvious places like Newcastle or Sunderland, forgetting some of the amazing places the region has to offer throughout the counties of Tyne and Wear, Durham, Northumberland and Teesside.

With fascinating history, beautiful architecture, some of the countrys most popular tourist hotspots and world-famous nightlife, the North East is also home to some of the richest culture in the UK.

Our website aims to showcase all of this by offering a range of items from, about or created in the North East of England.