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Phoenix Training

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For nearly twenty years, we have excelled in the design, delivery and measurement of tailored training solutions. Specialising in Leadership & Management, Sales, Communication and Commercial Skills, we operate in all industry sectors throughout the UK and beyond. No matter what type of programme we are working on, we always challenge clients to consider two critical, but often overlooked, questions:

1) How will we ensure that the participants regularly use what they have learnt on their return to work?

2) What will the impact of the learning be on your organisation – or in other words, what is your Return on Investment?

We work with our clients to ensure that both these challenges are considered fully and addressed appropriately. Our recommendations always depend on the type of content needed, the experience levels of the participants involved, as well as the programme and organisational objectives – it is only by taking all these into consideration that we can create something that truly addresses your development goals.