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  • Landline: 01935 812 252
  • Email: info@sherbornemuseum.co.uk
  • Website: http://www.sherbornemuseum.co.uk/
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Sherborne Museum

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We are centrally located in the heart of this beautiful Dorset town and occupy what was formerly the Almonry belonging to the Abbey, now a grade II listed building.

A registered charity (no.306251), the Museum has independent status and was the first volunteer-run museum in Dorset to receive full Accreditation.

Out Of Hours Visits may also be arranged.

The curator and research team are generally available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for appointments or drop-in queries.

Otherwise please phone us on 01935 812252 or leave your question at info@sherbornemuseum.co.uk

We also have an earlybird scheme where families with children on the autism spectrum can arrange to visit the Museum between 8.30-10.30 am on their own terms.

There is a social narrative to assist with preparation.