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Sigma Property Investments

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The aim of Simiga Property Investment and Sourcing is to find suitable properties for our clients that will give them a good long term investment and also generate a monthly return on that investment.

Our property sourcing service could be advantageous for you if you fit one or more of the criteria below.

  1. Have already tried property investing and not achieved the results
    expected or wanted
  2. Have a desire to carry on in their chosen careers or with their businesses
  3. Want to have a hands off passive income / investment
  4. Want to build up a property portfolio, a pension pot or passive income
  5. You do not want to be a full time Investor but want the benefits
    of sound property investments

We are located in Norwich but our areas of investment are the North West of England, Great Yarmouth and Norwich dependant on what the client is looking to achieve.

All properties are Standard Single Let for families and we do not currently offer Houses of Multiple occupancy although we can refer you to a local company if you prefer this type of investment.

The service gives investors the time to live their lives without being bogged down searching for an investment property so they can concentrate on what makes them money or the things that are important to them.

To discuss your specific requirements – call us on 01603 418 585