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Smart Accountancy Systems Ltd

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Smart Accountancy Systems – Online Accounting Services and Online Accountants UK

Do Less. Earn More. Keep It.

Accountants come in all shapes and sizes but you can bet your bottom dollar your accountant probably wears glasses and that’s where the similarities with a Smart Accountant end.

This is accounting but not as you know it.

Accounting has never been more exciting or disruptive thanks to online accounting services and online tools such as Xero. Our lives as online accountants are easier which means we have more time for client care and proactive advice. We can honestly say if it wasn’t for online accounting software we don’t think we could have handled the stale and stagnant world of accountancy.

Our Beliefs

The world in which we are working is changing beyond recognition due to the Cloud (internet). Harnessing the benefits of what online accounting software can do for your business means that you can either spend your hard earned cash on advice from your online accountant or compliance work carried out by your 20th century accountant.

If your accountant is not already talking to you about ways to reduce your fees or provide you with added value work for your money they don’t get that change is coming and that rings alarm bells for them and your business.

Accountants need to be more innovative in their approach to business. Online accountants SAS have embraced online accounting services and changed the way we do business to the benefit of our clients and our sanity. We will help you do the same with your business.

Being a bean counter or number cruncher is not enough which is why at SAS we believe in a three pronged approach:

Do Less – embrace technology and online accounting software around you to radically reduce the time spent doing mundane repetitive tasks – SAS offer advice and support on making the transition
Earn More – get better quality management information and use the time saved from using technology and online accounting software to make quick, informed business decisions with expert advice from your online accountant
Keep It – if your accountant ever mumbles the immortal words we could have saved you some tax if you had asked that, sack them. Online accountants SAS review your affairs throughout (not after) the year to ensure your tax affairs are in order and mitigated where possible

We don’t believe in dealing with clients once a year when too many opportunities have passed you by or costly mistakes have already happened. This is why as online accountants we use the latest online accounting services and software to keep on top of your affairs, today, tomorrow and together.