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I’ve always been quite sporty and so throughout school was involved in all of the usual sports; football, tennis, running, swimming.

I enjoyed them but wouldn’t say I was passionate about any of them.

Then at the age of 14 I discovered that I really, really enjoyed riding my bike.

As a cyclist you can compete on your own or as a team. It’s not only physically demanding but the tactics give your mind a work out too.

You can train/compete indoors or get out and about amongst stunning scenery.

I was fortunate enough to live next door to Shane Sutton (Head Coach GB & Team Sky). My introduction to competitive cycling was travelling in the team car with him, handing out bottles of water to the riders.

The sport really caught hold of me and I decided to buy my own bike (Poyner) and started training. By the age of 16 I was representing my country.

I learned early on how to maintain and repair my cycle.

When you race your machine is a extension of you.

You know it inside out.

When I left competitive cycling I went on to work for an international sports firm, managing the bikes department and workshop.

My work history took a departure from bikes when I relocated to the NE from the Midlands but my personal life did not.

There are some amazing routes to cycle in the North East, particularly throughout Northumberland and along the coast.

And so now I find myself returning to my first love, surrounding myself with awesome two wheeled machines.