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Walkgrove is one of the UK’s leading learning consultancies. It is owned and run by training professionals who have all held senior line management positions in various disciplines and sectors.

Walkgrove have worked with many of the UK’s largest organisations since our formation in 1994.  We have won several Industry Awards for the work we do. We offer a full consultative service across the full learning lifecycle from Training Needs Analysis through to Return on Investment and Impact Studies to ensure that the programmes we develop deliver real value and impact our clients’ business tangibly and positively.

Above all we are focused on helping our clients improve their performance.

Our experience is broad ranging and we don’t have a preferred training medium or technique. We are equally comfortable with e-learning, coaching, workbook design or traditional classroom training – or a blend of all of these and more. This breadth of experience is our greatest strength. It enables us to help our clients evaluate and choose the most effective solution, rather than being pushed down a path which meets the supplier’s requirements or preferences.

Our solutions are used across the world. Developing solutions for global audiences creates an added dimension and we have valuable and relevant experience in dealing with the challenges this brings. We have developed many solutions for international organisations and agencies that not only requires us to localise our content and translate into many languages but also demands a thorough appreciation of multi-cultural sensitivity and the ability to work with difficult and sensitive subject matter. Notable examples include the following:

  • We are framework suppliers to UNICEF with thousands of staff and volunteers who work in over 190 countries
  • We are framework suppliers to UNHCR with around 11,800 staff, volunteers and other partners located in over 300 offices around the world; the majority of whom do not have English as a first language
  • The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office with 15,000 staff in 145 countries of whom 10,000 plus do not have English as a first language
  • The British Council, with around 8,000 direct employees operating in 110 countries
  • Oxfam GB with 4,000 directly employed staff operating in 92 countries with partner organisations employing thousands of locally engaged staff
  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the world’s largest humanitarian network that reaches 150 million people in 187 National Societies through the work of over 13 million volunteers
  • Crown Cork and Seal, one of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers with over 20,000 staff in 41 countries, speaking 12 languages
  • BG Group, a leading player in the global energy market with operations in more than 25 countries over five continents
  • The Commonwealth Foundation – connecting two billion people in 54 countries