What are you eating this summer?

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By chris buckland

What are you eating this summer?

The summer is the season of outdoor dining in the United Kingdom (weather permitting) so barbecues are the order of the day.
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All sorts of meats beef, pork and lamb are used, including poultry and fish dishes.
Hestia TV 4th of July Recipes for the Most Delicious Independence Day Cookout Summer Backyard Recipes
Hestia TV4th of July Recipes for the Most Delicious Independence Day Cookout Summer Backyard Recipes
Image by Ashqtara from Pixabay
Side dishes of savoury, dips and salads often complement such barbecue main dishes.
GINAvsGINA Corn Salad~ Summer BBQ Side Idea (WW Friendly)
Life & Fork Healthy Summer Salad For Weight-loss
Image by Corophoto from Pixabay
Barbecued meats and poultry can be combined with salads; sauces to make unique warm sandwiches.

Soft Drinks in the summer

Unqiue and favorite summer drinks like milkshakes, juices and smoothes can be prodiced from the many types of summer fruits which are now avaliable.
Image by rawpixel from Pixabay
Nur Kitchen & Traveler Mango Fruity Recipe – How To make Mango Frooti at Home – Fresh Mango Juice – Summer Drink for Kids
Ruchik Randhap– Delicious Cooking Gadbad – Layered Ice Cream Dessert
Image by rawpixel from Pixabay
The combinations are endless so many experiement to find their favorite milkshakes, juices and smoothes to enjoy.

summer fruits

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Image by algria from Pixabay
There are many types of fruit in season now which means various types of fruit salads and other deserts can be produced.
Image by Rajesh Balouria from Pixabay
Fruit salads can be part of a healthy diet throughout the year.
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