Passwords: the right way, the wrong way and some other thoughts

In today’s world we have no choice but to have lots of passwords (whether we make these different or not, well. . .)

Security isn’t just about your home or car any more but online security is a big thing and it’s here to stay; however have you ever wondered if your password is secure, who’s going to want to hack your account anyway?

Well I can tell you from experience that no matter how pointless it might be for someone to hack your account (no matter what its for) there is a high chance someone will give it a go; so how do you protect yourself?

Passwords are a pain to remember and if we do as we should and have a different password for everything, well I would spend my life creating and trying to remember passwords.

Test your password strength here using RoboForm:

You could use password management software?

check out this blog post from ‘’ Five Best Password Managers
although not the safest way this helps to store all your passwords in one place (hmm…)

You could allow your internet browser to save all your passwords for you. . .

This is something we probably all do? However is it safe? Well there is a lot of talk on this subject and browsers are updating their security all the time, the end result. . . You are pretty safe as long as no one gains access to your computer/device.

You could always write them in the back of your diary?

OK so probably not a good idea at all however there is a way. . . How you might ask? Well it’s simple when you think about it. . . Just remember them???

Ok let me explain, we create passwords like this:
– ‘drowsap’
– ‘123456789’
– ‘Passw0rd’
– Year of birth
– Favourite holiday destination/football team, etc.
– Pets name
– Childs name

These would be bad examples, so we change it up and add capital letters, symbols and numbers like so:

– Ninteen-80-Two
– Man-U-9ted
– ScR4ppY_Do0
– H4rRy_B0y

This would still be a bad method, so we create complex arrangements of letters, numbers and symbols? Like so:


Well although slightly better new thinking says no. . . so what are you saying?

Without going into too much detail and attempting to put it simply there are different levels of encryption and the more characters you have in a password the higher the encryption and longer it will take to crack; annoying for those accounts that will only let you have 8 characters in your password and annoying for us as humans when we have to try and remember.

Ever thought about using 4/5 random words like this:

‘Random Crane Water Tiger’
‘Pillow Castle High Blue Sky’

Now all you need to do is create a way to train your brain to remember which account it goes to, but so much easier than ‘A2”ga4sf+4g-‘ and quite possibly more secure.

Using ‘RoboForm’ password strength test:

score: 85 (good)

Random Crane Water Tiger
Score: 114

Pillow Castle High Blue Sky
Score: 130

RoboForm: how secure is my password (clickhere)

Read more about this theory here:


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